Tuesday, August 15, 2006


While other bloggers update their blog regularly, it has to take me a super duper looooooong while to post one. Sigh.....and it's so long that I forgot my password!!!

After such a long break, there's so much to update and to begin with, I shall introduce a new member to the family. A 10-month old male jack russell terrier by the name of Jacker joined us about 1 month ago.

Jack in short, was almost abandoned , if not for my dad. Jack belonged to one of dad's kopi tiam friend. The story goes like this:

Once upon a time somewhere in Ang Mo Kio, dad's kopi tiam friend, let's call him X, couldn't keep jack anymore because he's moving to a new house and his family ain't willing to help look after Jack. X usually will bring Jack to the kopi tiam with Jack being leashed. However, the day when X decided to abandon Jack, he brought Jack to the kopi tiam without leash, hoping that Jack would just run away on his own. However, Jack is too smart for him and refused to cross the road. X had no choice but to carry him and bring him to the kopi tiam. X then told my dad about the intention to abandon Jack by letting him run loose at the park. Upon hearing that, dad volunteered to bring Jack home till he gets re-homed. Dad is such an angel!!!!!!! and I cannot understand how come he has such a friend. Maybe calling X an acquaintance of dad would be more appropriate.

Anyway, Jack got re-homed but only for a short while. My sister brought him home with the intention of keeping him. Alas, my brother-in-law is not used to having a pet at home and that's how we adopted Jack.

As much as I ain't keen to have a male dog, I now ended with having one. On the whole, Jack is pretty well behaved and manja. I think that he is happy with being part of our family. Luckily, Jack gets along fine with Mikki and Mikko except for the occassional disturbance he brings to them.

Because of work, we have not been bringing Mikki, Mikko and Jack to the park as often as we used to. They spend most time at home these days. However, we do try to bring them to Sentosa at least once a month or car ride when we go out for dinner.

Talking about Sentosa, their last visit was on 5th Aug to attend their friends' (Tommy & Joey) birthday party.

Mikki, Mikko and Jack were sent to the vet on the 12th last month. All 3 got vaccinated and on top of that, Jack got neutered. Jack went home with the "trumpet" and had it on for for the first 3 days. I bet he must have felt uncomfortable that he got his sisters to help him got rid of it because, on the 4th day, the "trumpet" was on the floor and the string was bitten to pieces.

Mikki is over weight, Mikko is at the max weight that she should be and Jack is a little under weight. In order for them to stay healthier, I've decided to reduce the frequency of feeding them dried food and give them a healthier diet.

I've been feeding kikoja (mikKI, mikKO & JAck in short) steamed pumpkin, boiled sweet potatoes, boiled potatoes, beef, fish, papaya and apple more often these days. I've plans to also feed them cauliflower, broccoli, corn and brown rice.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to serach from the net what else can I feed them before they get bored with the above.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Introduction to Mikko

Mikko was born locally on 12 May 2003. She is the most beautiful beagle I've come across in Singapore so far. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...hee...hee...hee...

Mikko is not the typical beagle that one reads from books or internet. She's loving, friendly and has a very sweet temper. However, she's timid and greedy. The books always say to never off leash a beagle for it has a strong mind of its own and will wander away. I beg to differ this advice when Mikko is concerned. Mikko responds well when we call her. My guess is she fears being lost and losing the tender loving care that she's been subjected to.

Mikko's only interest is food and nothing else and she has passed on some of this trait to Mikki.

Mikko's timid-ness (if there's ever such a word) led her to being bitten twice. Once by a golden retriever and another by a syberian husky. Good thing she recovered and the scars are gone! She's so timid that everytime when big dogs go near her, she would immediately surrender by lying down with her four legs facing up or squatting down. She also does that when we raise our voice at her for doing naughty things like digging into the dustbin in the kitchen.

Marc and me always say that Mikko is more fortunate than Mikki. All she knows is to eat, sleep and play.

I can't think of any more to write about Mikko now. Some more pictures of her would delight you i hope.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Introduction to Mikki

Mikki was born on 7th Jan 2003 in Australia. She is a jack russell terrier who's full of energy at all times. Mikki is loyal, playful, alert, full of guts, hyperactive, smart and I feel that she takes after me in many ways. I am not sure if it's due to amount of time we have spent together while I was not working.

Mikki gets exicited when she sees people she knows and will want to jump and kiss them. That's her way of showing her affection!

Mikki's interests include looking around the house for moving objects - insects to be precise, playing with ball, swimming and following me around the house. Mikki pays attention when Marc or myself talk to her. We know that she somehow understands what we are saying.

We don't have much problems with Mikki. I must say that she's quite well behaved. Between Mikki and Mikko, Mikki gets lesser scolding.

Mikki has never been afraid of dogs that are of much bigger size than her so far. I guess her guts were trained from young when we put her to play with labrador retriever, dalmatian and golden retriever when she was only 3 months old.

Alright, I am suffering from mental blockage right now. I'll post another time to introduce Mikko.

One more thing before I go. Shellen, I now know what is retribution. Thanks for calling me to tell me my grammar mistake. Hahahahaha....


The Beginning

After so much of deliberation, I've finally decided to create a blog for my 2 darlings at home - Mikki & Mikko.

Let's start off with a little history of how Mikki joined Marc and me as a family and Mikko later.

With nothing much to do after quitting my job in Mar 2003, visiting pet farms in Lorong Halus became a favourite past time for weekends. Despite seeing so many cute puppies, we never succumb to temptations until I saw Mikki. Marc the ever sweet husband who always give in to me, agreed to buying Mikki.

Mikki was only 3 months old and spent only one night at the pet farm before we brought her home. I must say that's very lucky for her and for us.

One Sunday after having Mikki for approximately 5 months, Marc saw Mikki & me on the couch watching tv and said "Mikki and you look equally bored. Maybe getting Mikki a companion would be a good idea".

Without hesitation, we made our way to Lorong Halus again with Mikki in search for a companion for her. Marc had another JRT in mind while I had beagle because Mikki played very well with a beagle named Lucky in the park.

After viewing, Marc gave in to my decision of getting a beagle and that's how Mikko joined us. Mikko was 4 months old then.

Both have grown into beautiful girls now and brought alot of joy and not forgetting anger into Marc's and my life.

I'm posting some picture of Mikki and Mikko here to share.